Reflecting Back and Looking Forwards

Welcome to the first ever blog for Pause & Breathe. As we move into a new year, I take this opportunity to look back on 2018 and to set some gentle intentions for 2019.

2018 has been quite a year. We started off in style, in Rio de Janeiro, where Phil was teaching a weekend of Ju-Jitsu. We planned a two-week holiday around this and will never forget seeing in the New Year on Copacabana Beach. The Iguazu Falls (pictured above) were absolutely spectacular – listening to the water was one of my mindful moments of the holiday.



In April our family expanded when we brought Nacho (the dog) over from Benidorm. He has settled in so well, instantly stealing a place in our hearts, although the cat is still to make friends with him…

 This year Phil joined Susie in teaching through Pause & Breathe. Phil has taught martial arts for years and continues to do so. He has now expanded his repertoire to include Qi Gong and has undertaken a course to teach mindfulness to children. It’s lovely having Phil a partner in every respect in my life now. 


I undertook my first solitary retreat this year – booking a cabin in the Trossachs for a few nights. I wrote a structured time-table (which I stuck to quite loosely) – lots of space for meditation, listening to dharma talks and mindful movement. However, there was also time to just sit and be.  I focused on self-compassion and mindful communication on this retreat, which I found so beneficial that I developed a half-day retreat on mindful communication, which I will run again this year.

Where I spent my solitary retreat - beautifully peaceful

Where I spent my solitary retreat - beautifully peaceful

 As the year comes to a close, I find myself looking forward to 2019, wondering what it will bring. I am not one for New Year resolutions, but have considered some intentions I have to bring enrichment to the whole of my family:

  • To take Nacho on a new adventure a couple of times a month – he gets so much out of new places, and I love seeing him exploring

  • To nourish myself by ensuring I go to bed early regularly - to read, and to cuddle the cat - both things I can easily run out of time for

  • To notice every time I say “I can’t be bothered” to myself, about things that I know will enrich me (to look after and care for myself appropriately)

  • To listen to my heart more, and my head less


Many thanks for reading my first blog. Please let me know what your New Year intentions are below.

Keep an eye on our “what’s on” page for upcoming mindfulness and qi gong courses and events - this is consistently updated.

Susie - Pause & Breathe xx