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Peace & Wellbeing Retreat - Cumbernauld

  • Eden Leisure Village Millcroft Road Glasgow, G67 4AG UK (map)

This retreat is a collaborative event, with a variety of facilitators leading sessions over the course of the weekend. This includes mindfulness, Qi Gong, laughter yoga, kundalini yoga and a sound journey. If you are a facilitator, and would like to come along and offer something, please do get in touch.

This retreat is held over the International Day of Peace, and is a chance for us to come together to strengthen our ideals of peace. Simply sitting together in silence can be seen to be an "act of revolution", and we aim to have space for silence as well as for a variety of sessions.

The venue, Eden Leisure Village, is a family run business, consisting of various glamping pods and hobbit huts. It's positioned in some lovely countryside, and hopefully we could have some time outside. As well as this, we have access to a Barn area, where we can share a variety of practices. There is a BBQ hut, and a large kitchen space, where we will share meals together as well as some downtime.

There is a salon on site, which offers all sorts of treatments, including massages. please do feel free to book into this during the weekend, but please be aware that this is separate to the retreat - have a look at for more details.

The retreat starts at 3pm on Friday 20th September, and will continue until Sunday 22nd September at 12pm. Meals are provided - these will be vegetarian. Other dietary requirements may be able to be catered for - please check this before booking (there may be a small additional cost). I'm endeavouring to keep the costs down low, as I really would like this to be accessible to as many people as possible. Please get in contact if the costs are prohibitive - we have subsidised places on offer, no questions asked.

At the time of booking, I'm taking a £50 deposit. The retreat costs £300 in total, which needs to be paid in full by the end of August. I know it can be hard to put a whole weekend aside, so there are options such as coming just for the day on Saturday, or for either night. When booking, do let me know if there's someone in particular you'd like to share accommodation with - this makes it easier for me when allocating. If you are a wellbeing facilitator and would like to offer for something, please get in contact.

My details are: - get in contact with queries, or to book avoiding the booking fee being added.

With a smile, Susie x

What's On Offer?

Saturday day time includes:

Connectedness with Kay Young: this hour-long session by Kay Young, award-winning mindfulness and wellbeing teacher, is inspired by connectedness; drawing upon our natural essence and undivided connection with one another, the earth, the sky and the world. This session will include mindful movements derived from Qi Gong, meditations held by the earth and paid activities done in silence; embracing our connectedness and interbeing.

Moving to Heal with Val Dufeu: more details TBC

Kundalini Yoga with Mandeep Devsi: more details TBC

Mindful Walking with Susie Hooper: Susie from Pause & Breathe will be leading a mindful walk in nature if the weather allows it. Otherwise, we'll have an indoors practice focusing on the four elements - building on the sense of connectedness developed in Kay's session.

The rest of the weekend includes:

Laughter Yoga with Morag Wylie: Morag from Live, Laugh, Breathe says:This is a fun way of improving your health and wellbeing, reducing stress and cortisol levels, increasing levels of endorphins and serotonin and boosting the immune system, all leaving us uplifted but relaxed. There are no actual yoga poses in Laughter Yoga, but some deep breathing and stretching to energise and oxygenate your body.

Qi Gong with Phil Blackburn: Phil from Pause & Breathe will be sharing some Qi Gong movements. Qi Gong has a powerful effect on the whole body and mind, as it effects the whole energetic system, allowing energy (qi) to flow freely.

Lotus Flower Meditation with Barbara Cantlay: This is a loving-kindness practice, with an emphasis on the importance of loving and respecting oneself. It includes lots of lovely visualisations. Babs teaches mindfulness to adults, young adults and children and is also a trained practitioner in SourceSTAR energy healing, to Master teacher level.

Gatha (phrase-led) Morning Meditation Practice with Susie Hooper: in this practice Susie from Pause & Breathe offers phrases, with gaps in between to allow these to land. A gatha practice is a bridge between a guided and a silent practice, and is a lovely way to start the day.

Sound Journey with Morag Wylie: Morag from Soothing Sounds Scotland (she's a busy lady!) offers us a sound journey, which is a way of experiencing deep relaxation. The sounds of various instruments entrain the brainwaves to the deeply relaxing theta state. This relaxes the body, engaging the parasympathetic nervous system and enables its natural healing capacities to be activated. Energy blocks are cleared, trapped emotions may be released and the body will naturally detoxify.

There is still more to be announced too: the sessions available will grow, we're awaiting confirmation from some other facilitators. Please note that all sessions are optional - you are able to come along to the things that you are most interested in, although there will be space for everyone in every session. If you are a wellbeing facilitator, and would like to offer something get in touch.

If there's something above that you really fancy but you're unable to make the full weekend, get in contact to find out when that session will be held. Please note that the programme may be subject to change - so if there's something specific you're coming for, please do check with us that it's definitely on.

Susie & Phil x